The Warrior Woman Arise Story

How It All Began...

The idea for Warrior Women Weekend Retreats came about because of a book I read and a need in my own life.

A true "sandwich generation" woman who was splitting my time between caring for grandchildren (something I consider a joy!) a caretaker of an aging parent, a wife of over 45 years, a mother of three married children, a grandmother of six beautiful grandchildren  a friend, a sister and a Christian woman, and a professional woman, I found myself soul searching.

I played all of these roles well. But WHO was I? WHERE did my dreams go? Did I even have any dreams anymore?

I willingly poured myself  into so many for so long. but now I felt disconnected from myself. I felt aimless and restless. Very restless.

The more I read about women in transition and talked to women who felt over-whelmed, women who lost sight of their dreams, women who did not laugh anymore and women who were burned out,  I knew there was a need to create an opportunity for all of us to experience a time just for us.  

We needed time to get to know ourselves again...time to slow down...time to rebalance and refresh. Time to dream again. 

When I shared my vision with colleagues and friends, everyone of them said, " Count Me In. I desperately need this!"

That was over six years ago and we have created a community of women with purpose and passion.   Together we make a difference.

We can't wait to meet you so you can experience your own Warrior Women Arise moments!