It's never too late to become who God created You to Be!

Here's a preview of what it is like when our women come together.  

We are women who believe we have a divine purpose and destiny


Catch the Wind of Vision

 Little girls who have dreams become women who have vision. Women who have vision can change the world!


Catch Your Dreams...

We do not have to do great things to change the world. We do have to be faithful to use the unique gifts we were given in the way God destines us to use them.  One act of kindness, one courageous act, one prayer, one moment of reaching out, one word of encouragement, one whisper of faith imparted, one sentence declaring truth can change our own world, and therefore, the world at large.  One woman...doing one thing...changing one life at a time. Your gift does not have to be great for God to do great things through you. 

If you do not step into your destiny, who will?


Pursue Your Dreams

"It is not true that people stop pursuing their dreams because they grow old. They grow old because they stop pursing their dreams." Gabriel Garcia Marquez